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Wedding & Elopement Ceremonies

Admittedly, I simply love officiating weddings – because I believe in them!

I believe in the power of love, the power of commitment and the power of promises. Ceremony, or the performance of “ceremony” takes you from where you were before in your life into a partnership that is both legal and emotionally binding. It’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest step you will ever take in life and I want you to come away feeling enriched, joyful and brimming with happiness.

One of the greatest gifts of this job is that I have the privilege of really getting to know you. I ask tons of questions to get a true sense of who you are both as individuals and as a couple. I’m curious as to why getting married is important to you, what kinds of promises do you wish to make to each other and how do you want your guests to feel both during and after your ceremony. We will communicate a lot throughout our time together because this ceremony is all about you, and it has to be completely reflective of what deeply matters to you. It can be light hearted and fun, include rituals (or not) or take on a tone that is more mindful and intentional. Whatever your thoughts, I can make it happen.

I would absolutely love the opportunity to meet with you.


LGBTQ Wedding & Elopement Ceremonies

If you’re looking for an LGBTQ-friendly Wedding Celebration, performed by someone who loves you just the way you are and wants you to have your wedding on your terms, you’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s a simple elopement, something traditional, or anything in between I can bring your dream to life! I know that every couple is different, and each wedding should be different and contain unique elements. I meet with you and then carefully and thoughtfully craft a custom ceremony that reflects both of your personalities. Being based in Vernon, British Columbia, my LGBT-friendly company, Cherished Ceremonies, is here to serve couples throughout the Okanagan Valley. Give me a call today as I would love a chance to speak with you about your ideas. Together and collaboratively, we can plan the wedding of your dreams!

Commitment Ceremonies

An alternative to a wedding ceremony (and a big upside for some), is that there are no legal or religious requirements. What is interesting is that these commitment ceremonies have in fact been in existence for thousands of years mostly due to same-sex couples being forbidden to marry. Today, only 29 countries have legalized same-sex marriage.

Another reason is that some states and all provinces require you to have an officiant and two witnesses present. There are also requirements within a wedding ceremony that are not required in a commitment ceremony. You can virtually have whatever you wish, with only your partner present, wherever you wish, however you wish. When you throw the (legal) rulebook out of the window, the possibilities are endless. I ask couples to dream big on this opportunity ie “If you could have your ceremony [anywhere] in the world, where would that be? What would the scenery look like?” or “Are there any activities that are special in your relationship that you want to include?”

The downside to commitment ceremonies is that you may miss out on some of the legal benefits of being married, which could include tax benefits or being able to get on a partner’s health insurance.

Renewals and Anniversaries

Anniversary & Vow Renewal Ceremonies

The essence of Anniversary and Vow Renewal ceremonies fills me with anticipation because they encapsulate a profound sentiment: the desire to reaffirm the commitment made on that sacred day of union. It’s not just about restating vows; it’s about declaring, “I choose you, again and again.” Through life’s myriad trials and tribulations, renewing vows becomes a poignant reminder of love’s enduring significance and the resilience of marriage.

It signifies an unwavering dedication, a refusal to surrender amidst the storms. It speaks volumes about prioritizing the essence over ephemeral discord, about embracing forgiveness, nurturing patience, embodying kindness, and embracing understanding along the shared journey.

Renewing vows is a deliberate act, an intentional recommitment to the partnership, a testament to the evolution of love and growth as individuals within it. It’s a declaration that echoes through time: “With you, always.”

The beauty of these ceremonies lies in their versatility, in their ability to be tailored to reflect the unique journey of each couple. It would be my privilege to craft and officiate a ceremony that marks this significant milestone in your lives.

Pet funeral

Celebration of Life Ceremonies

One of the reasons I greatly support these ceremonies is that they celebrate a loved one’s life well lived rather than a loss to be mourned. Typically these ceremonies are much more relaxed than funeral services, the atmosphere is lighter and many attendees feel comfortable sharing and exchanging funny stories about the deceased. It’s OK to laugh. Laughter can be a great ice breaker. It unites us. And, while laughter can turn on a dime into tears, somehow laughter (or a smile) can bring those more difficult moments back to neutral.

My mother passed away in 2016. Because she was such a unique woman, (and for those who knew her understand why I chose that word) I turned her “eulogy” into a Roast & A Toast Down Memory Lane. It allowed me to share many hilarious stories about her while at the same time, not describe her nor use words that were not reflective of her. I didn’t build her up but I certainly had a fantastic time poking great fun at her many idiosyncracies that she was known for. Within this story were poignant moments, raw feelings and a great deal of honesty. Something else resulted from this; my brothers and I were all on the exact same page and there was great comfort in that.

I share this story because some ceremonies are easy to write. And some are not. My role here is to collaborate with you to create a eulogy and ceremony for a person in your life, that mattered. It could be that I write the entire ceremony for you, or it could be that I simply assist you. Whatever you feel you need, I am here.


Memorial Ceremonies for Pets

Memorials & Celebration of Life for Pets:

Your pet is not simply an animal to you; but an integral and huge part of your family. The unconditional love and dedication that they give to you gives them a special spot in your heart. They provide companionship, acceptance and emotional support, and so, when they pass, the level of grief is virtually on a par with human loss, and in some cases even more.

A memorial service offers comfort, embraces the grieving process and acknowledges the beautiful relationship that you had with your pet. It is a chance to honour and celebrate the life of your pet and to remember all the wonderful times you shared together.

I collaborate with you and your family in an unhurried personal meeting to create a loving and personal tribute to your pet according to your wishes. I also provide numerous suggestions and ideas that may assist you in how you would like the ceremony to unfold.

This is one ceremony that I hold truly close to my heart and believe in.