10 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

Is there anything more disheartening than parting ways with your fading wedding florals mere days after they adorned your joyous celebration? The careful deliberation and meticulous selection of your ideal blooms, coupled with your florist’s artistry to bring your vision to life, all culminate in a breathtaking bouquet. Yet, beyond its fleeting beauty, your wedding bouquet possesses the potential to transcend time, becoming a cherished heirloom or keepsake that evokes feelings of love and joy each time you gaze upon it in the years ahead.


With the right preparation and a touch of creativity, you can cherish your wedding flowers for years to come. Here, we’re going to share some easy DIYs for how to preserve your wedding bouquet as well as pretty ideas that can make your wedding flowers last for life. Let us help you choose how you’d like to preserve your wedding bouquet!
1. Pressed Flower Frame: Capture the delicate beauty of your bouquet by pressing the flowers between the pages of a heavy book. Once they’re dry, arrange them in a stunning frame for a timeless keepsake.

2. Resin Jewelry
: Transform your favorite blooms into wearable art by encasing them in resin to create unique jewelry pieces like pendants, earrings, or bracelets.

3. Dried Flower Shadow Box
: Preserve the essence of your bouquet in a shadow box display, arranging the dried flowers alongside other mementos from your special day, such as your invitation or a photo.

4. Scented Sachets
: Infuse your wedding bouquet with a lasting fragrance by creating scented sachets filled with dried flower petals. Place them in your closet or drawers to evoke memories of your wedding day every time you open them.

5. Pressed Flower Coasters
: Add a touch of elegance to your home decor with pressed flower coasters. Seal the dried blooms between layers of resin or laminate for a beautiful and functional keepsake.

6. Framed Floral Art
: Commission an artist to paint a portrait of your bouquet, or try your hand at watercolor painting to create a stunning piece of floral art that will grace your walls for years to come.

7. Wax-Dipped Flowers
: Preserve the natural beauty of your blooms by dipping them in melted wax to create unique, long-lasting decorations for your home.

8. Floral Bookmark
: Keep the memory of your wedding day close at hand every time you pick up a book by creating a personalized floral bookmark using pressed flowers and decorative paper.

9. Flower-Infused Candles
: Extend the life of your wedding bouquet by incorporating dried flower petals into homemade candles. Not only will they add a romantic touch to your home, but they’ll also fill the air with the sweet scent of your wedding flowers.

10. Dried Flower Wreath
: Display your wedding bouquet in a stunning dried flower wreath that you can hang on your door or use as a centerpiece for your home. Add personal touches like ribbons or charms to make it truly your own.
With these creative ideas, you can preserve the beauty and memories of your wedding bouquet for years to come. Whether you choose to DIY or enlist the help of professional artisans, the result will be a cherished keepsake that brings a smile to your face every time you see it. So don’t let your wedding flowers fade away – turn them into something beautiful that will last a lifetime.